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solidified adj : changed into a solid mass [syn: coagulated]solidify


1 make solid or more solid; cause to solidify
2 become solid; "The metal solidified when it cooled" [also: solidified]solidified See solidify

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  1. past of solidify

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"Solidified" is the first single from Mobb Deep's album Free Agents: The Murda Mix Tape. The song was released under Landspeed Records, an independent label, after the group left Loud Records. The b-side features the song "It's Over".

Track listing

Side A
  1. "Solidified" [Clean Version]
  2. "Solidified" [Dirty Version]
  3. "Solidified" [Instrumental]
Side B
  1. "It's Over" [Clean Version]
  2. "It's Over" [Dirty Version]

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